About Us

Hello! My name is Leanne and I am the owner and founder of RoKodog. For years, my two cattle dogs, Kyro and Kona, would go through gear like no other. For anyone that knows cattle dogs, you know they are HARD on their gear (and borderline bat sh*t crazy, am I right?!). They love mud, water, bushwhacking and anything else that causes chaos. So we set out to create gear that can withstand anything life throws at it.

RoKodog first began when I found myself wanting to express my dogs personalities and celebrate special occasions by using bandanas. I found myself loving this as a creative outlet and decided to begin offering our bandanas to others. What first began as a small side hobby quickly grew into a business that I was so passionate about. Since then, we have added many more products to our brand and have so many more in the works! We are always looking for ways to improve our gear and add new items to this brand. 

We are avid adventurers ourselves which gives us the ability to be the first line testers of all RoKodog gear and also allows us to think like adventurers and create items based specifically on the needs of adventurers alike. We create adventure ready gear because WE are adventure ready people. All of our gear is designed and built around what we need out of dog gear.

When RoKodog first started, I knew I wanted to incorporate a way to give back to the dog community. We found a local dog rescue who is passionate about saving animals and providing them the best life possible and instantly knew we wanted to help and we now proudly donate 5% of all profits to Raincoast Dog Rescue Society, located in Victoria, BC! Which means you can look good and feel good with your RoKodog purchase. We also host an annual calendar contest to raise money for Raincoast which is always run on our Instagram.