Collar Styles

YKK Buckle

Our YKK buckles are made from a strong and durable plastic and were specifically designed for outdoor use. Their unique design allows for dirt, sand and other debris to be pushed out rather than clogging or jamming. These buckles are super lightweight and perfect for outdoor adventures.  

Stealth Vee Buckle

Our stealth vee buckles from duraflex are similar in design to the YKK. They are made from a durable plastic and are designed to not allow debris to clog and jam the buckle. Their main difference is that they are a little more heavy duty of a plastic buckle than the YKK. Currently they are offered only in the 1.5” width. 

Hybrid Buckle

Our hybrid buckles are made using a combination of metal and plastic. It features a metal female part and a plastic male part. They feature the classic, sleek look of metal buckles while offering the functionality of plastic. Please note due to the metal nature of this buckle, it will show wear and tear, scratches and dings over time. 


Our martingales are my personal favourite collar option. They are designed to be worn loosely around your dogs neck with a tightening loop when pressure is applied. The collar should fit loose enough that when the loop is fully tightened, it is not too tight on your dogs neck, but still snug.

As a fur mom myself, safety is my number one priority. While we stand behind our products and aim to create the highest quality and durable products dogs can be extremely unpredictable. We cannot be held liable for any harm or injuries that may occur as a result of neglect, abuse, use or misuse of any RoKodog products. As the purchaser of our products, you are responsible for determining the suitability of all products and assume all responsibility and liability by purchase products from RoKodog. Please note that it is important to check your dog's gear for regular wear and tear and your dog should never be left unattended while wearing any RoKodog products.